About a Russian wife
This e-book is written by a Russian woman married to an American man for 15 years. Real live stories of real people who had real experience in a Russian-Western marriage.

If you are, then there are some things you should think about. Have you ever asked yourself questions such as:

If you can get an answer to these questions, would you pay for it? I am sure you would, because this information saves a lot of money, time and heartaches.

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When looking through dating sites have you ever thought that behind that pretty picture on your computer screen is a personal and a cultural history?

Exactly - a lot of history. This history comes along with that woman when she comes to you.

This e-book tries to explain the "history" behind that Russian woman and tells you how this "history" may affect your relationship.

To be honest, I don't know the way that leads anyone to a happy marriage. I am not a specialist in this area. I also don't have any intention of sharing my love story to the world. I don't think somebody's particular positive or negative example can help anyone to choose a soul mate....Read More Detail


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