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 Please turn on your speakers NOW… This is going to BLOW AWAY everything you know about teaching!

If you’re TIRED of working as a SUBSTITUTE TEACHER when you SHOULD be working full-time…

I graduated from college in 2005 – bright-eyed, ready to enter the workforce, B.A. in Education in my hand. 

…but once I landed a top teaching job, I knew I’d be able to pay it down over time, and make a living doing what I loved: TEACHING.

…but even sorrier for the brilliant teachers who’d just had their careers DESTROYED by a sluggish economy they couldn’t do anything about.

It BLEW MY MIND that these terrific educators, with all the passion and enthusiasm in the world, were placing their lives in the hands of some politician with a budget deadline.

But the truth is that even the BEST teachers on the planet find themselves on the chopping block with EVERY DOWNWARD TICK of the economy.

See, he and I had gotten our teaching credentials at about the same time.  Unlike me, though, Jason landed a teaching job almost right away.

I mean, sure – he had to wake up at 6 AM, sit in traffic for 45 minutes, and stand in front of a bunch of grouchy kids all day, but hey…at least he was WORKING.

To make a long story short…the poor guy is now brewing coffee at a COFFEE BAR…wearing an apron and pulling...

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