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Are you one of those busy people who intend to read, but don’t seem to have the time to read all the books you need to get ahead and improve yourself and your business?

It seems that all the time in the world is still not enough to get the information you need in your head to skyrocket your business and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

The business world is advancing at a very rapid pace and only way to connect with it is the books. With the vast offering of business books and materials it is often challenging to know where to invest your limited reading time. Not having enough time to read the right books forgoes the opportunity to get ahead and to apply these shared knowledge to your business or life.

Many entrepreneurs and business executives barely have enough time to complete their work, let alone sit down, find the right books, and read several of them!

If you want to really move forward in your job or take your business to the next level, the knowledge in these business books becomes essential.

We take 4 important business books each month and condense them down to their very essentials- the latest theories, ideas and concepts, the things you need to know to keep up in a fast paced world. Often these are 8-hour books summarized in as little as 1 hour audio and 8 to 10 pages PDF as well as the author’s big thought and a recommendation from us as to what value we got from reading the book & how...

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