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A new idea hits you. You feel excited about it. And you know it would make a great story or book. You can just feel it. But many people have great ideas and want to write about them. Most people never will. Some will get off to a big, exciting start and then will quit midway. Only a few will see their writing dreams fulfilled in the end.

Sure writing takes creativity, imagination and talent. And it also takes determination. But it takes something else that often gets overlooked: Writing Technique. Would you learn to play the piano without a sheet of music to follow? Would you build shelves without a hammer and nails?

Somehow when it comes to writing, people assume they can do it on their own. Maybe it's because we all did learn how to write in our high school English classes. To write on a professional level and get published- that takes the right tools. You need to learn the best writing tools and then immediately put them into practice. Otherwise what you read won't stay with you.

Sure you're a good writer. But you also know you could get better. And writers that are serious about their craft want to be the best writers they can. The writers that stick with it want to be great writers. They won't settle for anything less.

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