WPMeS eBay Affiliate Store | The Best eBay Affiliate Wordpress Plugin Script
Tired of the older eBay scripts like Build a Niche Store (BANS) and PhpBay Pro which can’t seem to give you the flexibility and desired click thrus? WPMeS is what you are looking for – flexible, customizable and easy to create a fully populated eBay store front on your WordPress blog in seconds. Easily turn your entire WordPress Blog into an eBay Storefront or supplement your existing blog by providing your readers with specific eBay products to buy – great for any Niche.

With WPMeS you can increase your blogs social visibility – WPMeS can post eBay products to your Twitter and Facebook Page automatically if someone finds your WPMeS page via a search engine.

Now go to eBay and do a search for the products you would like to have on your site. For example if your blog is based on collectible dolls, type in dolls on the eBay search box. Copy the contents from your browsers address bar...Read More Detail


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